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Kravitz Deli

Inspired Informal Catering

Inspired Informal Catering

Inspired Informal Catering

Inspired Informal Catering


We hope you'll join us and experience our exciting catering services that will set
a new standard for large, medium and small Valley events.  We believe everyone
should enjoy your next gathering... especially you!

You can choose one of our many exciting menu options,
or we can develop a unique party menu with you.


 Inspired Catering by Jack Kravitz

Meet Jack Kravitz

Jack Kravitz and his team take great pride in presenting you with the very best of culinary experiences.  Growing up “in the business,” Jack has cultivated to perfection the art of infusing traditional favorites with a progressive and powerful boldness, making each dish both unique and delicious. Described as a local “culinary giant,” his love and passion for food is rich in family tradition.  Led by renowned Executive Chef Chris Pinter, who has been delighting pallets for many years, Jack has launched Inspired Catering by Kravitz, a creative extension of his culinary experience.  With many years of experience, Jack regularly caters large parties, weddings and extravaganzas from 20 to 1,000 people.




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Event Coordinator

Jack Kravitz